Is PureVPN Legit? Proof that PureVPN Bought Every VPN Review

I found an interesting blog post written by an anonymous user. His post outlines how PureVPN owns almost every VPN review site that says they are a “TOP” VPN. You can find the source/inspiration for the post here on github.

PureVPN Owned by Gaditek– All VPN Review Site Writers work for Gaditek

PureVPN is owned by Gaditek which is operated from Karachi, Pakistan. PureVPN claims to be operated from Hong Kong but if you dig deeper into Gaditek background you will find it is actually being operated out of Pakistan. The reason they claim they are based out of Hong Kong is because VPNs are illegal in Pakistan.

The way we can prove that Gaditek owns PureVPN, is that the same person who founded Gaditek also founded PureVPN. Surprise, surprise, Aaqib also loves “big data”.

But why is it important that we establish PureVPN is owned by Gaditek? Well, it just so happens that most VPN review sites with reviewers that have PureVPN rated #1, also happen to work for Gaditek. This means that essentially, PureVPN has created a blog network giving users “informative review content” that is owned by themselves. Illegal much? Well, a bit.

PureVPN Servers Owned by Gaditek?

If the proof that the owner of PureVPN is the same guy who owns Gaditek wasn’t enough for you, well, we’ve found server information that links a PureVPN Thailand server to Gaditek. Here’s the information:

Pure VPN Thailand server owner history from April 2017

address: 501 Changmai-Lumpang Road Muang changmai 50000
country: TH
phone: +12176514225
admin-c: UG22-AP
tech-c: UG22-AP
nic-hdl: GSLT1-AP
changed: 20141229
source:         APNIC

Need more Proof? Android APK for PureVPN Signed by Gaditek

Well if you STILL need more proof that PureVPN is owned by Gaditek, well it just so happens their Android APK is signed by them. Jeez, they are so sloppy!!

OK More Proof? Indeed Job Posting for Gaditek PureVPN Branch Manager.

I think this image speaks for itself.

Why is PureVPN Rated so High when it Sucks?

You must be wondering PureVPN is ranked number #1 on many top VPN review sites such as VPNRanks, BestVPNService, KodiVPN, etc..

If you carefully see all these sites you will see few things common , Content, Design, PureVPN banner, Content Style and Writers from Pakistan, Karachi on all these websites. If you lookup their linkedin profiles, you will see they all work for Gaditek (PureVPN).

VPNRanks Owned by PureVPN

VPNRanks – If you check PureVPN review is written by “Aazim Akhtar”, Now if you google Aazim Akhtar Gaditek, you will see he is working at PureVPN. So Basically VPNRanks is operated by PureVPN and they rank themselves #1 and they also charge commission from other VPN providers. So basically Win-Win situation for them. Owned by PureVPN, This site was penalised by Google few years back, this is when they started Again this website is also owned and operated by Gaditek- PureVPN Team. Owned by PureVPN – Again they started to target the Kodi users and trying to gain customers by promoting PureVPN as zero log VPN which it is not. Here is the proof that it is again owned by Gaditek. Owned by PureVPN

This website is also owned by PureVPN. The Author that works on the site, Hamza Shahid, is the Digital Content Producer at Gaditek.

I will add more of their self operated and deceiving review websites here to expose how they are cheating customers and misleading that they are number 1 VPN service provider. Should you trust a VPN Service who creates fake review sites and self claims to be number 1 who says they do not log and hand over all details to federals. Who claims to be in Hong Kong but actually being operated from Pakistan.

Another Tidbit- PureVPN Gave UP Logs in 2017

PureVPN was claiming to be no log VPN provider and was recently revealed that the company was lying to its customers regarding their no log policy after a recent case where FBI demanded logs from PureVPN and they handed over all the details. PureVPN lost all the credibility. After further researching about the company there is nothing left to trust this company who creates fake review websites and trying to deceive users.

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